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Detexomat Slitter Toe Closer

  • Toe closer machine complete with slitter (hotwire) for stockings ready for making into pantyhose using stand alone sewing machines.  Show more
Tags: Toe Closers | Slitter Toe Closer | Slitter Machines

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Detexomat Pantiloader Toe Closer

  • Toe closer complete with Pantiloader module for loading pantyhose automatically to the machine. Quality toe seaming  Show more
Tags: Detexomat Pantiloaders | Pantyhose Toe Closer | Double Leg Pantiloader

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Socks Knitting Machine (HS-Contour 10)

  • The HS-Contour 10 gives you the scope to create with freedom the styles of the decade. Dress socks, sports, socks or tubes, you name it, this is the machine.  Show more
Tags: Knitting Machines | Dress Sock Knitting Machine | Industrial Sewing Machinery