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  • The SteakStones Sizzling Starter Set is a great introduction to the benefits and features of Hot Stone Cooking. Perfect for a sizzling selection of Scallops and King Prawns with some chilli sauce a...  Show more
Tags: Lava Stone | Hot Rocks | Stone Grill

Grated cheese

SteakStones Steak Plate and Sauces Set

  • The slightly larger stone of our Steak Plate & Sauces Set makes it ideal for some of the larger, thinner cuts of steak. Think Rib-Eye, Sirloin and Rump or even a mix of Surf & Turf with a c...  Show more

Grated cheese

SteakStones Sizzling Steak Plate

  • The SteakStones Sizzling Steak Plate is ideal for one or equally adept to share between two in the centre of your table. Perhaps a mixed meat and fish medley served with some sizzling scallops or s...  Show more

Grated cheese

SteakStones Sharing Steak Plate

  • The SteakStones Sharing Steak Plate is designed as a central feature for your table, allowing you to present a selection of meat, fish and vegetables which will be sizzling away to the intrigue and...  Show more

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SteakStones Steak Sharer

  • A slightly smaller version of our hugely popular Sharing Steak Plate, the Steak Sharer is ideal for 2 diners to enjoy a selection of two or three cuts in the centre of the table. The dry, searing h...  Show more

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SteakStones Pizza Stone

  • his is no ordinary Pizza Stone. This is the SteakStones Pizza Stone, sourced from the undisputed home of Pizza, Napoli, Italy and designed to cook any Pizza to a crisp base and keep every last slic...  Show more

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SteakStone Steak, Sides and Sauces Set

  • A compact version of our best-selling set, the title really says it all. This is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite cut of steak, accompanied by a seasonal selection of vegetables or salad and...  Show more

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SteakStones Steak and Sides Set

  • Nothing goes together better than Steak & Chips and with the SteakStones Steak & Sides Set we have a great new addition to the SteakStones range, offering a compact way to enjoy the...  Show more

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Melamine table ware British design & Europe style

  • This range products are designed by Dalebrook, and have been proved to be our most popular to date. Premium in its look and feel, the mixture of contemporary design and functionality makes for a ve...  Show more
Tags: Table Ware | Dish Ware | Melamine Ware