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Fresh Cut Flowers

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  • All of our Roses are of the best quality and all of a large size.   Our Roses are mainly of Head Sizes 5 - 6.5 Cm, 50 - 80cm Stems Advise us on your requirements and we can see if we can ...  Show more
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Tropical Flowers

  • All of our Tropical Flowers are of the best quality and all of a large size.   Sourced from the best tropical regions in Latin America. Please advise us on your requirements  Show more

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Fresh cut flowers

  • FRESH CUT KENYAN FLOWERS (The Pride of Kenya) Do you buy your wholesale flowers from Holland? Holland buys 65% of Kenyan flowers in bulk and re-sells them in the Netherlands auction to other m...  Show more
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Aqua & Garden Land

  • A range of professional solutions for plant and shrub care, that provide natural nourishment for land and water plants , so that they achieve healthy, balanced growth. Aqua & Garden offers o...  Show more
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fresh cut flowers

  • wholesalers and distributors of fine fresh flowers located in the Uk, we specialize in all types of roses and summer flowers please do contact us for more details  Show more
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