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Cif Houshold Cleaning

  • âspecial offerâ prices from the distributor for September, I am pleased to be able to offer these sizes because they can offer excellent value.   Have a look and let me ...  Show more
Tags: Cif Cleaning Range

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Active Brilliant washing powder

  • High quality and efficacy of washing powder, which is suitable coloured one and a black and white dress equally 3in1 technology, that is the washing powder does not demand a softener separately. In...  Show more
Tags: Washing Powder | Active Washing Powder

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Active Brilliant washing gel

  • High quality and efficacy of washing gel, which is suitable coloured one and a black and white dress equally   In two packings available: 1.5 L and in 3 L    Packages � M...  Show more
Tags: Washing Gel

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Water Spot Remover

  • Quick Details Type: Other Brand Name: Max Protect Model Number: SPR How to apply: Rub Product Size: 50 mlPackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details: Max Portect LabelDelivery Detail: 5-7 day  Show more
Tags: Water Spot Remover

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Maxcare Laundry Powder

  • Maxcare laundry powder can be shipped from the UK to any destination in both 20ft and 40ft container loads.  Show more
Tags: Laundry | Powder

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Ultra Touch Laundry Powder - ocean

  • Ultra Touch Laundry Powder is available in 4 variants and can be shipped from our UK site in either a 20ft or 40 container. This is a very high quality powder packed in a 1084g box.  Show more
Tags: Detergent

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Caustic soda flakes

  • In 25kg polyethylene film bag with outer polypropylene woven bag. Can be palletized. SKP:nihao1231903  Show more
Tags: Caustic Soda Flakes

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Textile Chemicals

  • Our company is specialized in supplying Textile Chemicals, we offer superior product and best service with competitive price. INNOCLEAR SA(STABLIZED REDUCTIVE CLEANING AGENT) INNOFLAKES WCA(C...  Show more
Tags: Chemicals | Textile Chemicals | Textile Dyes

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soap nuts the eco friendly natural cleaner

  • Business Start up Pack Do you have a health food shop/ interested in being more eco-friendly/ ethical traders/Skin allergies sufferer/car booter 10 Kg of SOAPNUTS (SAPINDUS MUKKROSS...  Show more
Tags: Eco Friendly | Soap Nuts | Organic
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Fresh Guard

  • Odour Control Sanitiser Cleaning Product Removes Obnoxious & Unwanted Smells, can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, catering establishments where a strong product is not required  Show more
Tags: Deodoriser | Odour Control | Sanitiser

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Sun Washing Powder, Sun Liquid Soap

  • Hello, We are Sun washing powder seller. It is a German make of good quality washing powder, well known on the European continent. We are an authorised agent and UK sole distributor. The washin...  Show more
Tags: Wasing Powder | Laundry Powder | Washing Detergent

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Graffiti removal kit - easy-off kit - anti graffiti supplies

  • easy-off graffiti removal kits. The moment you get your hands on an easy-off kit you feel ready to remove graffiti. The tough plastic case is robust and well made and the durable catches hold ev...  Show more
Tags: Graffiti | Cleaners | Graffiti Remover

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  • Manufactured in the UK, Virusolve+ has undergone rigorous testing by Europes leading laboratories including: HIRL (Hospital Infection Research Laboratory, Birmingham), Texcell Laboratory (Part of ...  Show more
Tags: Disinfectant | Sanitizer | Germicide

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Virusan AS

  • A theatre grade anti-microbial scrub hand sanitiser/cleaner that is formulated for use in medical, healthcare and vetenary applications. The formulation containing Chlorhexidine gluconate, a broad-...  Show more
Tags: Hand Sanitizer | Anti-microbial Scrub | Hospital Grade

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Quaternary ammonium and phosphonium salts and APIs.

  • Dishman is a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients, APIs, biocides and quaternary ammonium and phosphonium salts. We have manufacturing facilities in India, UK and Switzerland and offic...  Show more
Tags: Chemical | Pharmaceutical | Catalyst

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Hand Cleanser

  • Origin: United Kingdom (Great Britain) Price: £6.99 Specification: Hand cleanser paste with beaded scrubbing agent. Powerfull fast acting specially formulated to remove Oil, Grease and mo...  Show more
Tags: Hand Cleanser